Gary Oldman is widely recognized as one of the most talented actors of our time, having won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe, and having been nominated for an Emmy. However, many people of my generation remember him most fondly for his role in the Harry Potter films, where he played the character of Sirius Black. In my opinion, he was exceptional in this role, and the third film in the series, Prisoner of Azkaban, is one of the best. But what I find most amusing is a particular line that Oldman delivers in the film, which has become something of a meme to me: “This heart is where you truly live, this heart!”


Oscar Isaac is another actor whom I greatly admire for his incredible talent. He has been nominated for three Golden Globes and won one. I thought he did a fantastic job in The Force Awakens, displaying great chemistry with his fellow actors. Despite a few poorly written lines, Isaac’s performance was nevertheless excellent. However, by the time we got to The Rise of Skywalker, his character had been diminished, and he was given the ignoble task of delivering one of the worst lines in Star Wars history: “Somehow, Palpatine returned.” It’s clear that Isaac did his best with the material he was given, but I can’t help but feel that the frustration his character displayed was partly due to the flimsy explanation he was given to work with.


Although Ewan McGregor, who has won both a Golden Globe and an Emmy, is an incredibly talented actor, he had his fair share of difficult lines in the Star Wars prequels. Many of these lines were made even more awkward by their context. For instance, his “hello there” greeting and his line about “killing younglings” are particularly cringe-worthy (in fact, Ewan himself has admitted to struggling to get through the latter without laughing).

However, I would say that his most meme-worthy line is also his worst: “It’s over, Anakin. I have the high ground.” What does this even mean? Why does being slightly higher up mean that he has won? McGregor’s delivery of the line makes it sound so final, which somehow makes it even worse. It’s hard to understand why it’s over just because he has the high ground.


Hugh Grant, who has won both a BAFTA and a Golden Globe, was also nominated for an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a SAG award for his work on the acclaimed series The Undoing. However, despite the show’s critical success, there was one line in the script that fell short. The line was: “I didn’t kill the family dog. We never had a dog. I killed the family sister.” It’s such an odd way to reveal such a big plot point, and it almost makes it comical.

Unfortunately, I cannot locate the scene online, but it appears in the fifth episode of the show, which is available to watch on HBO.


Sam Heughan, who was nominated for a BAFTA for his work on Outlander, is a major reason for the show’s success. However, even he cannot make lines like “your honeypot is bare” sound good. The line, which refers to his partner waxing off her pubic hair, is cringe-worthy at best. And the line “to rid yourself of such a lovely forest…” is equally awkward.


Halle Berry won an Oscar for her role in the 2001 film Monster’s Ball, but a year prior, she appeared as the iconic comic book character, Storm, in X-Men.

Unfortunately, she also had a line in the film that was less than stellar. According to Joss Whedon, who worked on the script but had most of his work thrown out except for a few lines, including this one, the line was simply delivered incorrectly. However, it’s unclear if that was truly the case.


Sorry, Halle — I gotta nominate every other one proper right here, and I imagine y’all already know what it’s gonna be from: Catwoman.

All the script might be in this submit, then again I will be able to merely lift up my favorite. It’s SO cheesy.


This selection might appear simple, but I wanted to include something from Twilight. Many of the film’s actors have gone on to achieve success in other endeavors, such as Robert Pattinson. His performances in The Lighthouse and The Batman were highly praised, demonstrating his acting abilities.

To be honest, I also thought he did a commendable job in Twilight, portraying the self-loathing vampire character convincingly. However, even Robert couldn’t salvage this particular line.


In 2011, Shailene Woodley demonstrated her acting prowess in The Descendants, earning a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. Concurrently, she was also starring in the teenage drama, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, where unfortunately, she had to deliver some cringe-worthy lines. However, the absolute worst line had to be this one, especially with the awkward reaction from her co-star Ken Baumann.


J.Lo’s acting skills became evident following her role in Selena. She went on to find success in several great romantic comedies, but unfortunately, she also appeared in one of the worst movies ever made.

I’m referring to Gigli, where Lopez delivered a line that is hard to forget: “Gobble gobble.” And no, it wasn’t in reference to Thanksgiving or turkeys, but rather to oral sex. It’s surprising to hear such a line from an actress who has been nominated for two Golden Globes.


Sometimes even acclaimed actors can be given terrible lines in their award-winning roles. For example, on Glee, Chris Colfer delivered an Emmy-worthy performance, but not all of his lines were winners. One particular line comes to mind when his character asked Tina, “Did you vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend?” with a straight face. Despite this cringe-worthy dialogue, Colfer was undoubtedly great in his role on Glee.


Amy Adams is undoubtedly one of the most talented and celebrated actors of our time, despite never having won an Oscar (despite being nominated six times!). However, Man of Steel was not her finest work.

One of her character’s worst lines in the movie has to be, “But what if I have to tinkle?” It’s a shame to hear such a poor line from an actress of her caliber. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the scene on YouTube, but you can watch Amy saying the line here.


Jared Leto, the star of the highly memed movie Morbius, is actually a celebrated actor who has even won an Oscar.

Regardless of Leto’s acting talents, it’s quite impressive that he was able to deliver the line “Pretty little stinky pinky” with a straight face. However, even his skills couldn’t save the terrible dialogue in the movie.


Jared Leto seems to have a knack for delivering cringe-worthy lines, as evidenced by his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad. Among his many contenders, one of his worst lines has to be when he refers to Harley Quinn as “The fire in my loins. The itch in my crotch.”

However, there’s also a deleted scene where he tells Harley, “If you weren’t so crazy, I would think you were insane.” Leto may be a talented actor, but even he couldn’t save these cringe-worthy lines from being completely unbearable.


Margot Robbie, a talented actress who has been nominated for multiple Oscars and Golden Globes, has had her fair share of cringe-worthy lines on screen. One of the most memorable ones has to be this gem, which sounds like it was written by a middle-schooler on their Tumblr account back in 2010.


Saoirse Ronan, a highly acclaimed actress with four Oscar nominations under her belt, has appeared in numerous incredible films throughout her career. Unfortunately, The Host is not one of them. One line in particular stands out as being cringeworthy, even with the context: “You know, for a parasitic alien, you’re surprisingly compassionate.” One can only imagine Ronan’s reaction upon reading that in the script.


Regardless, I have held back my opinion on this matter for a long time, but now I am finally going to speak my truth. Let me start by stating that I enjoyed watching Game of Thrones, and I believe that Peter Dinklage was probably the most talented actor on the show (he definitely deserved all his Emmys!). Tyrion was a fantastic character, and he had many memorable lines.

However, one of his most iconic lines, “I drink and I know things,” is simply silly. I apologize for saying so, and I acknowledge that Dinklage did his best with the material he was given, but there is no denying that the line itself is lacking in substance.

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