Content material warning: This publish comprises spoilers for “They Cloned Tyrone.”

Netflix’s “They Cloned Tyrone” has us seeing double, triple, and even quadruple within the freaky conspiracy-theory movie. John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, and Teyonah Parris star within the sci-fi comedy that uncovers a sinister cloning experiment taking place proper beneath their rundown, inner-city neighborhood, The Glen. Whereas the majority of the film focuses on the trio discovering out how clones are being made underneath their noses, the climax and conclusion reveal why the nefarious examine is even taking place within the first place.

“They Cloned Tyrone” begins off with Boyega’s character, Fontaine, a stoic hustler who spends his free time lifting weights, shopping for scratch-offs, and ingesting malt liquor. Oh, and likewise beating up different native hustlers who mess together with his cashflow. One unfortunate encounter leads Fontaine to a shootout that kills him — or so everybody thinks. When he miraculously exhibits up at Slick Charles’s (Foxx) motel door unhurt the following day, the fast-talking pimp informs him that he simply noticed Fontaine get shot within the car parking zone the night time earlier than. His working lady Yo-Yo (Parris) confirms the story, too, which leads Fontaine to suspect one thing unusual is afoot.

His suspicions lead the trio to an unsuspecting deserted home, the place they encounter an elevator that unveils a “freaky laboratory.” It is there that they uncover a useless clone of Fontaine and, quickly thereafter, different clones of acquainted faces from their neighborhood being saved in fuel chambers, together with Slick Charles.

After uncovering a number of hidden areas that lead again right down to the lab, the trio try to show it publicly, however not earlier than their investigation summons the unhealthy man in cost. Effectively, nearly in cost. There is a scientist who’s the true mastermind behind the clones, however extra on that later.

Midway via the film, when Fontaine, Slick Charles, and Yo-Yo get cornered by hypnotized membership patrons on the street, a person named Nixon (Kiefer Sutherland) pulls up with one other Fontaine clone and at last clues them in on what’s actually been occurring. Seems, the cloning experiment is definitely a part of an even bigger scheme to, as Nixon says, “keep the United States united.” So as to take action, they want clones of hustlers and pimps like Fontaine and Slick Charles as “a control setting” to, in brief, hold run-down neighborhoods as they’re, undisturbed with out the interference of gentrification.

When an angered Fontaine tries to assault Nixon over the revelation, he is halted by a code phrase that locations him underneath hypnosis: “Olympia Black.” Then and there, Fontaine realizes the true reality: he is been a clone all alongside, as a result of the command solely works on clones.

Feeling powerless after their standoff, Fontaine’s left with no different possibility however to just accept his destiny, nonetheless, Slick Charles and Yo-Yo produce other plans — particularly when the latter will get kidnapped again to the cloning lab. So Slick Charles groups up with Fontaine to dream up a scheme to close down the dangerous cloning operation as soon as and for all.

Forward, we break down the mind-blowing ending to “They Cloned Tyrone,” plus an end-credits scene that hints at a possible sequel.

“They Cloned Tyrone” Ending Defined

To be able to get again right down to the lab undetected, Slick Charles suggests a plan the place Fontaine will get shot, like firstly of the film, however this time, he performs useless. As soon as his “dead” physique is picked up off the road by the cloning brokers and brought to the lab, Fontaine units out to seek out Yo-Yo and launch the opposite clones. Within the meantime, Slick Charles rounds up of us from the neighborhood to steer a revolt and rescue mission for Yo-Yo and the clones. As soon as everybody will get underground, they destroy the lab whereas Slick Charles and Yo-Yo take out Nixon. However he isn’t the one villain who wants defeating.

When Fontaine comes head to head with one among his extra harmful clones, he is crushed to a pulp and dragged right down to an workplace that lastly reveals the mad cloning scientist. And, shock, it is Fontaine! However this model of him is the precise unique, who’s a lot older. When the 2 meet, the unique Fontaine shares extra background behind the cloning experiment and why there are a number of clones of him. As he explains, all of it stems from the demise of his little brother, Ronnie, whom we see glimpses of in pictures all through the film. It is the one reminiscence that every one the Fontaine clones have. Per the scientist, Ronnie’s demise is the rationale he “made a deal with the devil” to begin the entire operation: to forestall cases like that tragedy from taking place.

In line with the scientist’s facet of the story, the “invisible powers that be” above him had already tried torturous analysis experiments on Black communities earlier than he got here alongside — these included hair merchandise, fried hen, songs on the radio, and many others. And so they used clones to take care of the charade to attempt to hold the peace in America. However the scientist factors out that it wasn’t sufficient only for clones to all assume the identical; they should be the identical, too. And due to his analysis, he tracked a whole lot of distinctive genes within the Black clones that separate “the ghettos” from different communities. So the plan is to ultimately flip all of them, even throughout the nation, into different races in years to come back. As a result of “assimilation is better than annihilation.”

Earlier than the unique Fontaine can kill off his clone (the protagonist we all know), the latter strains to utter the magic command “Olympia Black.” This prompts his harmful clone, whom our Fontaine instructs to shoot and kill the unique. Down the corridor, Slick Charles shoots and kills Nixon, too. Free from the experiment, the film’s trio and all of the clones (who additionally occur to be bare) return again to The Glen, the place information crews swarm to cowl the peculiar, stunning discovery. However that is not the tip of the story.

“They Cloned Tyrone” Finish-Credit Scene Defined

Means throughout the nation, in Los Angeles, we meet one other Fontaine clone, whose identify is, after all, Tyrone. He has an identical routine to his counterpart: he lifts weights exterior, buys scratch-offs, and drinks 40 oz. Within the “They Cloned Tyrone” end-credits scene, Tyrone and his pals watch the information to see extra stories about clones being discovered. And apparently sufficient, Tyrone sees his personal clone on TV, which makes one among his pals flip and ask, “Ain’t that you, Tyrone?”

An up to date model of Erykah Badu’s 1997 hit “Tyrone” then performs because the movie’s credit roll, with lyrics like: “Them motherf*ckers cloned Tyrone (Cloned him) / So tell him come on,” and “Every time we go somewhere / they gotta search down in my purse / And scan your waves, and your homeboy’s waves / And sometimes your cousin’s waves.”

The film’s ending does not appear to counsel a continuation with a second movie, nevertheless it actually leaves the door open to prospects.

“They Cloned Tyrone” is now streaming on Netflix.