Makela Pichler, a wellness enterprise proprietor, took a shot at nighttime and shared her greatest pal Kirsten’s devastating story on TikTok, asking the Kardashians to attempt to enhance her spirits. Within the TikTok video, Makela defined Kirsten has lately been placed on hospice after battling stage 4 most cancers and her one want could be to work together with the Kardashians, as she has been a superfan for so long as she’d identified her. Because of 1000’s of TikTok customers who tagged the well-known relations within the clip, the video was capable of attain the Kardashians they usually all did their half to place a smile on Kirsten’s face — particularly Khloe Kardashian, who organized a FaceTime name together with her.

“This video is for any of the Kardashians or for anyone in the Kardashian camp. This video probably isn’t going anywhere, but I’m a big believer in shooting your shot, so here you go,” Makela stated within the video. “My college best friend, her name is Kirsten. She was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer about 2 and a half years ago. Unfortunately, the time has come where last week she was put on hospice not knowing how much time she has left on this planet.”

She continued: “She is obsessed with the Kardashians and has been ever since I met her when I was in college. Obviously, she really tries to find some joyful moments in every single day. But that is very hard when you literally don’t know how much time you have left. There is one thing that would make her insanely happy and that is literally being acknowledged in any way by the Kardashians. That would make her so happy and so extra special and loved.”

TikTok did its factor and the well-known trio all acknowledged the video. First, Kim Kardashian commented on the submit. “Can you tell Kirsten I love her,” Kim wrote. Kourtney Kardashian, who has lately given delivery, wrote, “I would love to send her a voice note if she lost her vision. Praying for you and sending you lots of LOVE Kirsten!” Lastly, Khloe commented, “Hi!!!!! I am going to DM you! I would love to send her a video or FaceTime her if she’s feeling up to it ”

Makela shared two up to date movies the primary one was displaying a snippet of Kirsten’s response to Kim’s remark. She was so shocked, with a giant smile on her face. “Seeing her smile like that and just be so excited made us all so happy,” Makela stated within the TikTok, after posting her response.

The ultimate replace that Makela shared was a small clip of Khloe facetiming Kirsten. “Thanks to the thousands of people who commented and tagged, we were able to make it happen,” she stated. “The amazing Khloe actually Facetimed with Kirsten last night. You guys have no idea how happy and excited this not only made Kirsten but also Jen her wife, and her entire family.”

“We have to say thank you to the entire Kardashian family, including Scott Disick, as we were told he was the one who sent the video to the family group chat to ensure everyone in the family saw the video.”