After a long time of being regarded as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars – winning an Academy Award, two Grammys, 4 Tonys and an Emmy – Liza Minnelli has recently retired from the limelight.
Liza has had critical health problems in the past, and in 2000 she was warned by doctors that she may never walk or talk again after surviving a rare case of viral encephalitis, a life-threatening brain disorder.
Speaking to NBC’s Dateline 10 years later, she opened up about her illness: “I couldn’t walk and I couldn’t talk, and they told me I could never do it again.”
“After everyone left the room, I turned to the wall and started repeating the alphabet… I want to live. I’ve always wanted to live,” she continued.

Despite her willpower and determination to survive, Liza Minnelli’s health remained precarious over the next several years. Over time, she has had to deal with various physical difficulties and has undergone numerous operations.
Nonetheless, Liza has always tried to keep her spirit buoyant about her and to continue doing what she loves. Over the years, she has continued to perform in public and has participated in numerous shows and concerts.
Today, although Liza has retired from public life, her talent and dedication to music and performance remain an inspiration to many fans around the world.

Despite her health struggles, Liza refused to stop and continued to work, releasing her latest album, ‘Confessions’, in 2010.
Now 76, Liza isn’t often seen in public, but she joined Lady Gaga on stage at the Academy Awards last Sunday to announce the winner of this year’s Best Picture award.
Lady Gaga has always said that she admires Liza a lot and has admitted that the latter has made a big difference in her career in the entertainment world.
Nearly 50 years after winning an Academy Award for her portrayal of her in “Cabaret,” Liza showed up in a wheelchair for the closing event and appeared at times unsure how to get around.

During their joint appearance on stage, Lady Gaga was seen holding Liza’s hand as they shared the spotlight. However, Gaga made sure to give Liza her moment in the public eye before shifting the focus back to herself and her producer.

As the audience cheered for Liza’s surprise appearance at the show, Gaga stepped back and directed Liza’s attention to the crowd, saying, “Do you see that? The audience, they love you.”

This heartwarming gesture from Lady Gaga towards Liza Minnelli highlights the deep respect and admiration that many entertainers have for Liza and her contributions to the world of music and performance. Despite her health challenges, Liza continues to inspire and influence generations of artists and performers, and her legacy will always be remembered.

Liza chuckled while dismissing her troubles and was heard saying, “Oh yes, now what am I… I don’t understand.” Gaga smiled kindly and reassured her by saying, “I got it,” before introducing Liza to the audience and referring to her as “a true industry legend.”

When it was time for Liza to speak, she looked at Gaga for reassurance, and the celebrity gave her a reassuring nod. Liza then appeared to struggle with her lines as she said, “All night we saw the top ten… you know… nominated for best picture awards…”

Gaga then concluded, “We will see who the nominees are now.” Liza seemed relieved as she smiled and replied, “Oh, that’s fine.”

During a lively conversation, Gaga leaned forward and whispered to Liza, “I got it,” and Liza replied, “I know, thanks.” When it was time for the two to announce the winners, Gaga checked to see if Liza was ready before opening the envelope and allowing her to announce the CODA victory on her own.

The audience watching at home were impressed by Gaga’s subtle support for Liza throughout the stage. They were quick to praise her, unmistakably directing it towards a Hollywood legend, for skillfully delivering the segment while ensuring Liza’s dignity.

“The way Lady Gaga was able to handle the situation, keeping the program moving and preserving Liza’s dignity, was an art and shows how excellent she is,” someone commented on Twitter.

One person admits: “I was moved to see how Lady Gaga treated Liza Minnelli, who appeared extremely vulnerable, without ever letting her lose her dignity.”
A very popular tweet reads: “This is a lesson in how to help older people by respecting their identity. Lady Gaga was elegant and Liza Minnelli a legend. The whispered conversation of ‘I’ll take care of it’ and ‘I know’ has made it all very exciting.”
Some people have been so moved by the kindness of celebrities that they have cried. Another person wrote on Twitter: “I’m crying for Lady Gaga who is a kind and supportive legend for Liza Minnelli.”

Another person said, “I recently saw a new show of admiration for Lady Gaga for the delicate and dignified way she dealt with Liza Minnelli. It really moved me to tears.”
Another viewer admitted that Gaga supported Liza without making her “dependable or difficult,” writing, “I hope in the future we can talk about Lady Gaga as the classy actress she is and how she kept the Best Picture presentation.” going on until the very end. Liza Minnelli was vulnerable and struggling but Lady Gaga helped her without hesitation or discomfort. It was just extraordinary.”

The act of generosity was a welcome distraction from the opening game of Sunday’s ceremony, when Will Smith sparked a global glee by hitting Chris Rock with a joke about wife Jada Pinkett Smith.
The event certainly covered all aspects of the program, which saw Ariana DeBose make history by becoming the first black woman to win an Oscar, while Troy Kotsur became the first deaf man to win an Academy Award for his performance. .

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