In case you want more information earlier than you buy, try these evaluations from comfortable QVC buyers.

Complete Health club FIT Final 15 Ranges of Resistance & Pilates Equipment Evaluations

A client reviewed, “I am very happy to finally have purchased and got this home. The package delivered at 107 lbs in the box but thankfully I had help unpacking everything. Setup was a breeze and the workout is definitely everything I expected and more! I own the aerospilates machine which I love dearly but this machine is the perfect addition to increasing your strength training and resistance by taking it to the next level. The incline is amazing! I have injuries so doing squats without support can be challenging but having this machine is the solution I’ve been waiting for…must have!”

One other mentioned, “The quality of the equipment is very noticeable! And most importantly, it is very stable — never any wobbly feeling! Everything about it is great! I have virtually every accessory, including Cyclotrainer and Pilates kit— so it really is a total gym! The only thing I would caution is the box is extremely heavy. My workout room is up a half flight of stairs and I had 2 men carry it up into the room and take it out of the box. Within 10 minutes I had it all set up and was using it! Very happy! Never going back to the fitness center. One last thing, I have lots of Total Gym dvds but am also loving Total Gym TV and the Training Deck! Great purchase!!”

A QVC buyer wrote, “Professional Grade Equipment. I’m pleased with my purchase.”

Somebody shared, “I purchased the Total Gym Fit Ultimate as a TSV. It was a great price for such a sturdy piece of equipment. Assembly was relatively simple for my son with the help of a YouTube video. I’m loving the ease of motion on my joints especially while performing squats. This machine definitely makes a difference with muscle tone.”

“I know that the Total Gym was worth every penny and worth every workout. I have no plans on stopping… When I look in the mirror, I can see that my body has less fat as compared to before and I see a transformation with muscles developing. For anyone that wants to lose weight, or tone muscles, or help with joint mobility, this would be the gym. Anyone at any age can benefit. I am glad to own this gym recommend anyone to try it out. So many exercise options. Plus you can checkout YouTube or other sources for workout guides and routines. The best part is no subscriptions required, no electricity required and easy to store away,” a client reviewed.

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