The fourth season of “succession” sees the new Roys confront their father. On January 26, a new highly anticipated teaser trailer was published showing the consequences of Tom’s betrayal. In a scene, Tom asks Logan what would happen if he and Shiv separated. Logan’s answer is evasive: “If we are good, we are good”, which does not give Tom any certainty.

The Roy brothers do not have an easy path in front of them with their father. Kendall stresses that the situation is a “walking on the razor’s thread”. Gerri warns someone (probably Roman) in the teaser: “You can’t win. Your father will sweep away”.

The popularity of the HBO show is constantly growing, with 1.7 million spectators who have followed only the final, marking the public record of the series. At the Primetime Emmy Awards 2022 ceremony, the series won 4 Emmy, including the prize for the best dramatic series.

The Roy kids confront their dad. (HBO)

Succession season 4 is going to be the TV event of 2023. Listed here are all the key updates you wish to have to be informed about, along side the premiere date, the solid, and further.

Is Succession Coming Once more For Season 4

Of course, “succession” will return for the fourth season. The HBO drama series was renewed for a fourth season in October 2021, shortly after the return of the series for the third season.

“In every season of ‘succession’, Jesse Armstrong has managed to overcome our more rosy expectations, bringing us more and more deeply to the inner sanctuary of the Roy family with an unforgettable wit, humanity and precision,” said Francesca Orsi, executive vice president of HBO programming. “This season is no exception, and we could not be more enthusiastic than everything that awaits us in this next season”.

Succession Season 4 Premiere Date

The fourth season of “succession” will debut on March 26, 2023. When the first teaser was announced on October 23, HBO announced that the fourth season of “succession” would be broadcast in spring 2023.

The first season was broadcast in the summer of 2018, while the second season was presented in August 2019. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the production of the third season has been postponed to several months. The third season was broadcast in October 2021, over two years after the conclusion of the second season.

Succession Season 4 Filming

As of June 27, 2022, the filming of the fourth season of “succession” were officially underway. Filming is taking place in New York. The official Instagram page of “succession” celebrated the announcement by publishing a photo from the set.

The series will go to Norway for some key scenes of the fourth season. According to “Variety”, Alexander Skarsgård, Nicholas Braun and Sarah Snook have filmed the fourth season in different locations in Norway, including Atlantic Ocean Boulevard, the Romansdalen cable car and the magnificent Juvet Landscape Hotel, located near the Geenerger fiord, a site UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The reason why the series is shot in Norway is to explore more the character of the rich technological entrepreneur Lukas Matsson, introduced in the third season. “We were very enthusiastic when Alexander joined the cast, he is a fantastic actor. And from the beginning, the idea of [Jesse Armstrong, the creator of the series] was that the technological company would be led by some of a Scandinavian country. In the screenwriter room, around February, Jesse had an idea for an episode they wanted to set in the part of the world [of Matsson] “, also declared the producer Scott Ferguson to” Variety “.

It seems that Brian Cox’s prediction became accurate, as filming for Season 4 of “Succession” officially began on June 27, 2022, according to reports. Cox had previously suggested in an interview with GQ in October 2021 that filming for the upcoming season would start in June 2022. He also mentioned that he believed the writers would be returning in January 2022 to work on the new season, after taking a break following the end of Season 3.

Brian Cox
Brian Cox as Logan Roy. (HBO)

Following the season 3 finale, Brian expressed uncertainty regarding the start of filming for season 4 in an interview with Time limit. He cited numerous challenges, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has persisted into its second year and presents unknown variables. Additionally, the question of whether season 4 will be the final installment or if there will be another season remains to be addressed. In the words of Thomas Gray’s poem “Ode on a Distant Prospect at Eton College,” Brian remarked that “Where lack of knowledge is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.”

Jesse Armstrong, the creator of the show, mentioned in a post-season 3 finale interview that the season 4 writers’ room was expected to start in January 2022. He stated, “We will get the room going all over again after Christmas in January, I hope, and then we’ll see how long the season must be and the best way that makes the whole thing in play down the street,” to Time limit in December 2021. However, no specific start date for filming was mentioned.

What Happened In Season 3?

The third season of the show commenced with the aftermath of Kendall’s press conference, in which he revealed his father’s involvement in a company scandal. As a result, Kendall was disowned by the family and attempted to bring down his father from the outside. He implored his siblings to join him in his fight, but they all remained loyal to Logan.

The tension between Kendall and Logan reached new heights as they battled for control of the company. Meanwhile, other members of the Roy family were dealing with their own struggles and conflicts, including Shiv’s ambition to become CEO and Roman’s desire for validation from his father.

Throughout the season, the power dynamics shifted and alliances were formed and broken, as the characters navigated their personal and professional lives. The season culminated in a dramatic finale, which left viewers eager for the next installment of the show.

Jeremy Strong
Jeremy Strong and Brian Cox as Kendall and Logan. (HBO)

Throughout season 3 of the show, Kendall went through a difficult period, which ultimately led to a confrontational meeting with his father Logan in Italy. Despite Kendall’s request to leave the company and the family for good, Logan refused to let him go. He continued to torment Kendall about the dead waiter at Shiv’s wedding and even made Kendall’s son taste his food to ensure he wasn’t being poisoned.

In the penultimate episode’s climax, Kendall was shown in a broken and depressed state, floating on a raft in a pool. The episode ended with viewers left wondering if Kendall would drown following his final conversation with his father.

After being found by Comfrey in the pool, Kendall was taken to the hospital for the night before returning to the family the following day. The family then gathered for Caroline’s wedding, with Logan leaving to negotiate a deal with Lukas Matsson.

As Shiv and Kendall learned about Logan’s plan to sell the family business to Gojo, they turned to Kendall for help. However, still struggling with the trauma of his conversation with his father and his near-death experience in the pool, Kendall finally confessed to Shiv and Roman about what had happened with the waiter. Instead of using this information to torment him, Shiv and Roman supported Kendall in his struggle against depression.

In a bid to stop their father from selling the family business, Shiv, Roman, and Kendall united and confronted Logan, hoping to prevent the sale through a supermajority. Shiv even called Tom to inform her of their plan. However, upon their arrival, Logan was already aware of their intentions and called Caroline to amend their divorce agreement, which prevented the three siblings from blocking the sale to Gojo.

The season 3 finale ended with a dramatic confrontation between Roman and Logan, with Roman finally standing up to his father, only to be knocked down. Later, Shiv discovered that Tom was the one who had tipped off Logan about their plan, leaving her determined to seek revenge in the upcoming season 4.

Sarah Snook
Matthew Macfadyen and Sarah Snook as Tom and Shiv. (HBO)

Season 4 Cast

Season 4 of the television show “Succession” will see the return of actors Brian Cox as Logan Roy, Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy, Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy, Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans, Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch, Alan Ruck as Connor Roy, and J. Smith-Cameron as Gerri Kellman. Additionally, other actors such as Peter Friedman, Dagmara Dominczyk, Justine Lupe, David Rasche, Fisher Stevens, Hiam Abbass, Scott Nicholson, Jeannie Berlin, and Zoë Winters will also be returning.

Since the season ended with Logan planning to advertise Waystar to Gojo, Alexander Skarsgård will return as Lukas Matsson. He will play a vital place in season 4.

What Will Happen In Succession Season 4?

Season 4 of “Succession” will consist of 10 episodes, one more than the previous season. The official logline for the season states that the sale of media company Waystar Royco to tech mogul Lukas Matsson draws near, causing existential anxiety and family conflict among the Roys as they contemplate what their lives will be like once the deal is completed. A power struggle ensues as the family grapples with the possibility of a future in which their cultural and political influence is severely diminished.

It is highly likely that we will witness the aftermath of Kendall, Roman, and Shiv finally confronting their father. Shiv and Tom will both have to deal with the repercussions of Tom’s betrayal, which could potentially lead to the end of their marriage as we currently know it.

Kieran Culkin
Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy. (HBO)

“It’s pretty terrifying,” said J. Smith-Cameron in an interview with ET, referring to the finale of the show and what may come next. “The gloves are off now. Like, this is full-on international combat.” After a season of isolation, Kendall is now aligned with his siblings. “The drawbridge that had been up for so long, separating Kendall from everybody, seems to be lowered. Once again, he’s able to, at the depths of his loneliness and pain, somehow come back to life,” explained Jeremy Strong in an interview with ET.

Brian Cox was quicker than anyone else to understand the trajectory of season 3. When asked if he knew anything about season 4, he told Time limit, “Absolutely not, and I don’t particularly want [to]. I’ve got a life to lead before then.”

Regarding the future of the show, creator Jesse Armstrong is not making a definitive decision about how long it will run. “I have a pitch for where and how I think we end,” he said in an interview with Time limit. “It’s not immutable according to my colleagues, we’ll talk about it and how many seasons that plays out over. Similarly, I have a pitch that I don’t want to say in public as it might take away a bit of the excitement, and I want to check in with all the important people around the show to see if everyone feels the same.”

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